Yellow Monday – The Cutout Dress

Yellow Monday – The Cutout Dress

This season has been all about crop tops and great colors – I especially fell in love with yellow.
Yellow is a great color when it comes to the beginning of the summer season. It reminds me of yummy fruits and fresh lime soda, which I can’t live without in summer.

yellow_sorayaSince doing lots of sports every week, I barely lookout for cropped pieces, showing off the flat tummy. I’m still unsure about my figure but that’s a chapter to talk about another time ;)

Yellow Dress to impress…

Necklace: Zara
Eyewear: i-am


The floral print got me, because it gives me the right summer feeling I need and underlines the lovely side of little soraya :P The right colors let your skin appear bright and adds nice warmth and glow to it.


Blazer: Mango
Cutout Dress: Zara


Bag: Peek&Cloppenburg
Finger Rings: H&M


Dress with Pockets


Ankle Heels: Zara

Not everyone’s used to wear colors, when it comes to strong one’s, but when there’s something safe to say – Just try out, there’s nothing to worry about, especially when summers almost here.

Advice of the day: Get yourself some fresh colored clothes and spice up your closet.
There are still some rainy days this month, but bringing some color into your daily routine makes it much easier to forget the bad weather.

Yellow lets the skin appear…

yellow_sorayamuch more tanned! Okay I have to admit that I went spray tanning  on friday last week. I wanted to try it before I’m going to have some for my wedding in september. I like the color, it adds a nice natural tan, but I’m still unsure about paying all two weeks for it. It’s still a money thing :/ Have to think about it twice.

Let me know…

Are you going to have lemon colored pieces for this season? What is your favorite one?
Can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

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