Wrap Dress(ed) in Romance

Wrap Dress(ed) in Romance

It’s Friday and the weekend just ringed in. You’re wearing your wrap dress, that softly hugs your waist in this almost unbearable underground heat. 2,1 stops to go. Outside the heatwave underground horror, you praise summers in the city. Whether having lunch in the park or simply falling asleep in the sun; Today is one of those days where you feel so out of control and don’t know what to do to make yourself feel better. One of those days that ask you to let go your style rules, wear a casual wrap-dress and give in the laziness, to let your hair strands hang in the face and don’t care about the fact that your lipstick has already faded. In your mind, you revive the happenings of the day in fast motion. How they’ve written down your name wrong again at Starbucks, the lunch break you didn’t have and how you’ve fought your way from high street to the office.

The doors open. You get off the train and make your way through the crowd. In your boyish brogues, you finally arrive at your place of silence. At the park, you keep looking for the perfect spot, a bench or bower, to settle and turn off the buttons in your head. You notice the different odours in the air, a mix of freshly cut green grass, Italian ice cream and Lavender. “Lavender?” you ask yourself. Your eyes are wandering, over bushes and trees until you finally spot it, right behind a bench. While you slowly take a seat on the bench, you can almost feel the heaviness of your body, the tiredness and worries that you carry with you all day. You dip into your purse to reach for Jane Austen’s classic novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and start reading the first page.




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