Work Outfit of the Day – Styled for Summer

Work Outfit of the Day – Styled for Summer

The hot season has already started and for those who have to put on their work outfit everyday it can be very uncomfortable.


Necklace: Primark



Croptop: Zara , Waist belt: H&M, 3/4 White Stretch Jeans: Zara, Bag: Zara, Earrings: DIY

Waking up in the morning very early, putting your work outfit for the day together can pose a challenge. We do not pick the right pieces for our work outfit, sometimes too much because we don’t know how the weather will become. Everybody’s well known to a april weather and a typical summer sunny weather, but this year the weather upsets our plan.

I do often put much clothes on and take too much jackets or sweaters with me and because I often rely on the weather forecast, I don’t feel the need of packing up an umbrella – often enough a big mistake, that ends with wet hair and a grim mood.

So today I am going to show you a work outfit, that fits perfectly for the ups and downs of last weeks’ weather and still remains stylish and airy.

Work outfit in White?

You may ask yourself “Working in white? Is she nuts?”. Of course it all depends on your work and if your company’s dresscode is suitable for this particular style. Let’s just say: everything is going fine ;)

work_outfit_sorayaMy absolute favourites this summer? First of all: complete white looks are my dream. They are not only totally in this season, but look absolutely stunning. I like to wear my 3/4 Stretch Jeans from Mango, just because the fabric is so airy and comfortable.

Croptops at work? The important word here is “how”: “How short is it? How is the cut?” The loose cut makes it quite airy and the length is perfect for not revealing too much.

If you feel comfortable enough to answer these question with your boss in mind, go on! Otherwise you should stick with the dancefloor and rock your croptop over there.


Heels: H&M

Heels, Ballerinas? Of yourse, if you’re in an office! After all it’s pretty easy style up if you have an office job; just don’t be shy and try it out! Don’t forget that heels are a matter of comfort though; if you can’t walk in them, stick to ballerinas – they are enough of a statement.

Don’t forget your accessoires – they can work wonders on most outfits!

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  • Ann Gold

    I like the Outfit! Classy, chic and wunderful! Ann <3

    • beautybysoraya

      i’m glad to hear that ann :*

  • the necklace is so pretty :) perfect outfit for a day at work

  • Tia Teilli


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