Weekend Break – Easter in Poland

Weekend Break – Easter in Poland

Whenever I visit Krakow for a weekend break, there is always something new to discover. This old town has it’s own magic and whenever I stroll through the alleyways, I find a new bistro or restaurant that catches my attention.

This time we decided to stop by at the Milkbar, which is located in one of my favourite streets, Tomasza. For those who can’t see what a Milkbar’s concept really is: Cheap food, easily prepared and ordered at the counter. It was usually the go-to place for students and covers almost every dish from breakfast to dinner. We had our little Easter sunday breakfast there and found it very tasty. So it’s definitely a place that you can visit on holidays especially when all other restaurant are closed.

Easter Weekend Break The Traditional Way

Before we went to visit the family to celebrate Easter the traditional polish way, we went for a quick walk through the Easter market. I’ve been to Krakow for so many times but I have never had the chance to visit the beautiful Easter market yet. From all the delicious food that can be found on the market (including grilled cheese also called “oscypek”), there are also lots of handmade artworks to discover. It’s truly one of the loveliest Easter markets I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t deny taking some snapshots.

Family time was truly needed and I was glad to have celebrated Easter in a different way. We had a great late Easter brunch that took almost three hours and afterwards my hubby and I felt very full. It all started with the traditional polish Easter wishes being told by sharing an egg with your relatives. My hubby has quite a large family, so unnecessary to say, that I had to eat a lot of eggs – typical Easter!


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Back from an amazing weekend break, I am still recovering from the feast. How did you spend your holidays? Did you find all the hidden treasures?

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