The 5 Best Things About Rubber Boots

The 5 Best Things About Rubber Boots

It’s almost Friday and I still can’t believe how fast this week went by. Londons weather is still confusing me and I have to get used to those weather changes very soon. 

This week was quite calm and so I had the chance to explore London’s corners. London Fashion Week is almost over, but even if I didn’t have the chance to attend it, I was happy to be as close as possible. My Sunday was well spent with taking streetstyle pics at Brewer Street and I’m still impressed by the Fashion Week atmosphere – Could get used to such crowdy places.

In case of Fridays look I’m trying to be honest with you – London is often rainy and layering is a must! Whenever I leave the house I try to wear as much layers as possible to keep me warm and I noticed I’m not the only one thinking this way. The weather changes happen randomly and often I find myself without an umbrella in my backpack! Being well prepared is the key and I’m planning to improve my morning preparations a little more. I like wrapping up myself in thick cardigan and cozy scarfs. Nevertheless there’s one specific essential – a good pair of quality rubber boots! I was thinking about buying some Hunter boots, so maybe there’s time around the weekends to discover.

rubber boots-8


Blouse: Zara
Cardigan: Anne Turtaut
Espadrilles: Napapijri
Ripped Jeans: Mango

rubber boots-4 rubber boots-3 rubber boots-1 rubber boots-2

So why rubber boots if sneakers or a leather boots could do the same? Well because:

  1. rubber boots have been cool since the 60s (we all know the Hunter boots..)
  2. they are waterproof (sets any pair of leather boots to shame)
  3. officially trendy again: more than a gardener’s it piece
  4. mud is just a wash away
  5. it reminds us of our childhood (make sure nobodys watching when you’re jumping in puddles) where mud wasn’t a problem at all (mum wasn’t always excited about it)

Although LFW is over now, I’m super excited about this upcoming Saturday, as I got a ticket for the Saturday trend shows and designer shows in the afternoon slot. I keep you guys up-to-date with pics and make sure you already follow me on Snapchat!

xx Bella

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