Teddy Bear Coat – Cuddled Up For My 24th

Teddy Bear Coat – Cuddled Up For My 24th

It’s no secret anymore that I became 24 three days ago. This year I decided to do something special that features balloons but no teddy bears – a kind of a birthday special!

You may have already noticed the big balloons in numbers on the pics. Oh dear, they weren’t handy at all! I remember the real bad weather that blew me and the balloons almost away. Although I weighted the helium balloons they didn’t stay in place. Because of the stormy and freezing weather, my hair was soaking wet and the result was this tousled look. You may have noticed the look from my birthday makeup post that I shared a few days ago on the blog – todays post will be all about the outfit and what I decided to wear for my 24th!


Teddy bear coat: ZARA (Similiar)
Jumper: ZARA (Similiar)
Jeans:  MANGO (Similiar)
Grunge Boots: ZARA (Similiar)
Necklace: ZARA (Similiar)

A Furry Teddy Bear Coat To Die For

Actually I have to say, this fake furry coat is my first one. I didn’t have any before, because of my high demands on it. I searched for a colour that would fit most of my jumpers, as I don’t like stripes or striking patterns. I made a lucky find at Zara’s sale. This teddy bear look-a-like coat comes in a bright nude-rosy colour and the outer shell is soft and fluffy. Although these teddy bear coats are named after children’s stuffed playthings, it doesn’t mean your limited to the typical brown shade. I guess this wasn’t the last one I bought and I keep already looking for another one ;) What do you think about this new fashion trend? Would you go for patterns or just colour?

teddy_bear_wearabelle IMG_1200_w IMG_1285_w IMG_1295_w IMG_1298_w

On the road again…

I just arrived in Warsaw and am super excited for the weekend and especially the big surprise that is awaiting me! What are your plans for the weekend?

xx Belle



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