Summer Beach Reading List
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Summer Beach Reading List

Although it’s officially summer, the weather is not really showing. Currently I’m sitting in my living room, watching it pour like from buckets. I wouldn’t say that I’m a greeter of bad weather but sometimes the rain has a calming effect on me. 

So what’s best to do if the weather’s not in? Killin’ time with a good book and some afternoon tea. Reading and delving into a book is something I’ve really missed this year. I used to read a lot before and I’ve even bought a kindle a few years ago, which was very handy as I didn’t have to carry around heavy books with me all day. Now it got a bit dusty in the drawer and I thought there was need for a change.

Although I’ve haven’t been to the beach yet for a hang out session in the sun, these books are good to dive into at home and are the ones that I have my heart set on.

On My Beach Reading List

The Girl On The Train

A story about a girl stating – You don’t know her but she knows you. This US and GB bestseller sounds like a promising thriller. A must have on my beach reading list!

Cupcakes and Cashmere At Home

When there’s something I love to do on weekends it’s reading Emily Schuman’s new blogposts. Her recipes taste awesome and I like the way she decorates her home seasonally. Her book is a personal lifestyle advice filled with lots of DIYs and party ideas.

The Rosie Project

A story about a thirty-nine year old genetist called Don Tilman who’s looking for the perfect partner in life. She shouldn’t be a smoker, a vegetarian and not tardy. He meets Rosie, a woman who’s exactly all of that he doesn’t like and the journey begins. One of those unexpected romantic twists!

Deliciously Ella

If you don’t know her blog yet, you should stop by and try one of her vegan recipes. I really fell for her snapshots, as they show always plates stuffed with lots of greens and yummy veggies.

Fifty Shades of Grey- Darker

I might be slow with reading as all of my friends read through all three books but I don’t want to spoil it by just watching the movie. I’ve also read the first book before the movie was shown in the cinema. The opinions on the books vary but I enjoy reading them – there kind of an Twilight revival for adults :P

Even though these are just five amazing books I’m highly interested in reading all of them. Have you already picked some books for your summer beach reading list?

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