SOS-Guide – Wedding Emergencies

SOS-Guide – Wedding Emergencies

My big day is finally around the corner- The last night before the wedding you should try to calm yourself down and relax. SOS-Guide_sorayaIt’s much easier to say than to do but sleep is very important for you and your body and you shouldn’t forget about it. Set the alarm, go to bed early and stop thinking about the wedding schedule- Everything will be fine, go and get some rest ;)

Sometimes little issues can stress you out. When it comes to issues like puffy eyes, ruined mascara and other beauty miseries, and you’re not sure about what to do, here’s a little SOS-Guide to help you out.

SOS-Guide: I Woke Up With Puffy Eyes…

IMG_3088_wIMG_3093_wMichelle Phan did a tutorial in one of her first videos and I was so happy to find a solution. All you got to need for the first part in the SOS-Guide is a “frozen spoon”. Two metal teaspoons to leave for 30 min in the freezer. Lay the frosty spoons on your eyelids and let them lay for a few minutes.

My Mascara Ruins Everything…

IMG_3104_wFirst: Every SOS-Guide says, you should go for waterproof mascara-honestly! If you missed this part that doesn’t matter: Remove the mascara with an Q-Tip from your under eye area and apply some concealer and powder to cover everything again.

Finally, I Ruined My Manicure!

IMG_9935When your nervous and you got your fresh manicure done, you can easily ruin it within minutes. But keep calm :D Get yourself a Q-Tip and gently apply some makeup remover to your damaged nail polish. It’s going to smooth away rough edges and after drying them you can start with a second try.

A broken nail is a bit more complicated. Make sure to have a glass emery board with you. It’s the best solution and works with nail polish and gel nails.

The Huge Zit-Situation –Don’t Panic!

Don’t try to remove it or even touch it. Your makeup artist will help you to reduce the redness and you might get some layers of concealer to get it covered perfectly. If you haven’t booked a makeup artist you can do these steps on your own easily.

In my SOS-Guide I recommend complementary colors and they are the right one’s for you: Cover the zit with a color correcting cream (green for taking red spots) and apply concealer directly after. Finish it by setting some powder. Repeat these two steps until you receive the coverage you want.

The Hangover Version for Brides…

If you have planned a dinner before you might take part in some champagne toasts. You should know how much alcohol you can take and if you overdo here’s my hangover plan. Waking up the next morning on your big day with headache is too bad- Close the drapes, ask your Maid of Honor to get you a great carb-heavy breakfast. You need to recover yourself as quick as possible and before the stylists have arrived. If you decided to do things on your own, decide for the make-up and create a quick and simple hair up-do.

IMG_0990_wWell after I wrote down all these tips and my little SOS-Guide for you it’s finally time for my own wedding. Getting nervous, but I hope things will be fine tomorrow. I’m so happy to share this special moment and big day in my life with you <3 Because of my wedding I will skip the monday post but on friday I’ll be back with a big wedding recap ;)

Lots of Love…

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