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Socks and Teas – Cozymas

One of those overknee socks please! Everytime I check my instagram feed I find some of those lovely and festive christmas socks.

I didn’t have the time to buy me some, what a pity I know! This winter seems really cold to me and I can tell you that my heating system runs 24 hours a day. I know that winter days are usually cold, nothing that’s new to me but this one is  frizzy. I can’t imagine one winter without my cozy warm socks and the most important thing for me is to keep my feet warm all day. I believe in one of those wisdom’s that say, if you keep your feet warm your body becomes warm too. Wearing plush socks was quite kitschy to me at the beginning but by now they became part of my pyjama routine and I like to wear them with my cozy homewear. Ankle socks and overknee socks made it to the front of accessories this year. Raspberry and Rouge as one of the bloggers I really enjoy reading, posted one day a pic on instagram wearing overknee socks and they just looked gorgeous. It made up my mind and I wanted to have them so badly. They are on top of my list and if there’s still enough time between my crazy christmas shopping I will definitely get me some of those simple blacks or dark greys.

Socks plus Tea a Must!

Winter Sundays are best. Couldn’t imagine anything better than having breakfast in bed in my beloved pajamas while drinking a huge cup of tea. Doesn’t that sound beautiful to your ears? I decided to do some tea shopping and bought some very unique and spicy flavours. Chilli and especially ginger tea became my favourites this month. I was surprised by the fact that ginger tea tastes good to me because I avoided it for many years. The reason for that is one of those bad memories as a kid, when I was ill and had to drink lots of ginger tea. Yup – I really didn’t like it. Tastes can change and I’m happy mine did :) If you’re used to eat a lot of spicy dishes, teas might be a nice option for you too. Check out my winter must-haves and find some inspiration below!



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