Snow Boots – Packing For Winter Holidays
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Snow Boots – Packing For Winter Holidays

I’ve been wearing my snow boots now for almost 3 years and I can’t imagine any cold season without them.

A Snow Boots List

I call snow boots my “SOS shoes”-sometimes function and coziness goes first and before style. Most of my leather boots are great for Fall but not for Winter – The sole is very thin and I get cold feet within minutes. The actual weather just calls for a little trouble situation and I always pick the wrong shoes. In that case I decided to put another collage together, to gather some inspiration for these snowy/rainy days!

1.Hunter Boots

I noticed these boots on some bloggers, wearing them in many looks. The design is tight-fitting and very sleek so it comes quite handy for me as I have very thin calves- thought about getting me a pair of Hunter’s!


These snow boots are unbeatable when it comes to coziness and they keep you’re feet warm all day. Although the don’t look like being water resistant, they are.

3.Moon Boot

If you have in mind to go on winter holiday to the alpines you should give the Moon Boots a thought. They might be similar to the boots that Louis Armstrong wore to his moon trip, but they are the warmest shoes ever!

4.Gothenburg – Minimalistic

These shoes are the classic version of a typical boot- because of the zipper on the side they are very easy to put on.  If you’re not the person who likes to wear heavy weight with a non-eskimo look, this boots might be the right thing for you.

5.UGG Australia – The Classic One

We all know them and they have been very popular for many years – the UGG boots. Last week I read an article saying that the UGG boot is having a huge comeback this year. This sounds like real good news! We all know there are many copies of the UGG boot on the market and I’m totally against them. The “fake version” doesn’t give any firm support to your feet as the sole of the original UGG boot is more stiffened and comes in a robust material.

These are my top 5 that I suggest you to get. I added a few more to the list just in case you’re looking for more options: 6. aukoala, 7.Puma

Have a nice week!
xx Belle

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