Rings – Ways to Wear The It-Piece
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Rings – Ways to Wear The It-Piece

Lately I’ve been reading an article about rings and how much more important accessories have become the last two years.

Statement accessories were born and are nowadays an integral part in the world of fashion. The can take a huge affect on a simple look like a little black dress and work with all kind of everyday styles. I bought myself a lot of pretty necklaces the last two years however the only accessories that I always liked the most were rings. But what’s really specific about them?

Rings As Heavy Armour

A new ring can turn into a shining commodity and I like to wear them on every finger, and at any point on my finger. To be honest with you, I like to stick to the smaller and thinner version of it. It’s not about making a statement by only wearing on of the rings but by wearing them in combination. Worn towards the nail or halfway down are the ones that were looking for and are called „midi rings“. The midi rings were part of one of my earlier summer looks on the blog and I really fell for those delicate gold shades. Especially golden rings remind me of the colourful Indian culture and the beautiful women wearing rings as a signature jewellery to enhance their hand painting and form of Mehdi. Depending on what type of ring you prefer the material can be metal, rosé gold or silver. Keeping it light in weight and very minimalistic is the key to rings. Looking for another special design or heavy-armoured spiral rings? The are lots of those to find but the ones that caught my eye are part of todays mood board. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your BFF you’d better put them on your Gift-List. She’ll be happy about it!


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