Rebel – Workwear In a Sporty Way

Rebel – Workwear In a Sporty Way

Have you already spiced up your business wear for fall? The only solution I can really think about is layering. Grab your thickest White T’s, Sweaters and coats to get prepared for the cold season!The falls season is quite hard for me to handle when it comes to fashionable stuff. Leaving the house every morning in a perfect complete soothing business outfit, that doesn’t look like wearing almost 10 layers, isn’t easy. This year seems like I’m going to master it- Let’s fight back the cold season with some sneaky rebel pieces!

Rebel & Jeans against my Wishes

You may have recognized  in my instagram feed that I workout really hard since four weeks. I got addicted to the Kayla Itsines workouts and I can say for sure, that I start to sweat each time I’ll do them. I had always doubts about eating yummy cookies and other desserts ’round christmas time. This time I’m sure about it and I know, that I have to work hard for each single christmas cookie that I want to nibble. Can’t wait to repeat the same routine after christmas time, to get back to my bikini body for summer ;) Let’s head over to the story of my beloved pair of jeans: Everyone knows what to do after you’ve washed your jeans- Bringing them back to shape again. My good pair didn’t make it and I accidentally ripped them around my knee! Leg days are positive if you want to receive nice trained legs but they can cost you your pants :D I didn’t want to toss them, since I love to wear them quite often so I added another few rips on my own. Voila, got my own ripped jeans and I still adore them! Wearable, right?

 Zoe Karssen & Sample Sale Vienna

A few weeks ago the opportunity came up for me to visit the designer Sample Sale in Vienna. I didn’t plan to shop a lot but the sweater with its rebel print just caught my eye. I planned not just to add bright colours to my fall wardrobe but some cool and strong prints too. Since last winter I’m totally into Grunge style and this sweater matches perfectly to my grunge boots. Of course there are much more prints to find than rebel. You can explore some other prints here.Whats your solution about surviving the winter in the most fashionable way?

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Blazer: Zara (Similar)

Sweater: Zoe Karssen (Similar)

Jeans: Mango (Similar)

Sneakers: Nike (Similiar)

Bag: Le Solim (Similar)

Stud earrings: Zara (Similar)


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