Provence #1 – From Nice to Avignon

Provence #1 – From Nice to Avignon

If I could describe the Provence with one word it would be: Amazing! I have never planned such a crazy and adventurous journey before but there’s nothing I wouldn’t want to repeat again. If you have followed my Instagram, you may have seen that I’ve been on two to three places on one day. It can be kind of stressful but it was worth it.


Provence Trip and Arrival at Nice

First Stop? If you know the old movie “To Catch a Thief” you’re on the right tack: Nice. It was our first destination when we arrived at the little airport. We borrowed a rental car to get our Provence tour started and stayed for the first night at a little hotel in Nice. We did some sightseeing for only one day because we had to leave early for our next destination Trigance. What I will never forget was the food called “Socca”- It looks like a crepe but is made of chickpeas and tastes nice.

IMG_4172 IMG_4174 IMG_0127

Trigance – Village in the Mountains

After cruising through the beautiful mountain landscape and taking pics at the greatest spots we could ever imagine we made our final stay at a little guest house in the town called Trigance. The view from this house was unique and it was the greatest thing I could imagine in the morning. Just too bad that we couldn’t spend more time in the mountains and I still keep remembering this special place. It was definitely not the last time that I’ve been there :)

GOPR1475 IMG_0071 IMG_0077

We were lucky to have such a great weather during our whole stay at the Provence. We continued our trip and visited Grasse also called the “City of Perfume”, Gordes (well known from the movie “A Good Year”), Aix-en Provence, Avignon and last but not least Cannes. What I can say about the beautiful Provence is that Chevré and Wine are the two most important things you should know! Just kidding ;)IMG_0130 IMG_4386 IMG_4388

But these two things are the One’s that everyone should taste at least once. I recommend Avignon for everyone who’s into history lessons. You can visit the unique Papal Palace that is not just a huge and very old building but also a historical place. Aix-en Provence offers a great mix of old and modern city. Having said that there’s a big Apple Store (still can’t believe), you can enjoy strolling down the beautiful romantic alleys. The best crepes I ever ate during my trip where in Aix-en Provence. If you’re going to plan a Provence-trip too, be sure to set a mark on your map ;) So what about Cannes? Not today ;)


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