Pressday Recap: Sunglasses, Jewels and more

Pressday Recap: Sunglasses, Jewels and more

You know what I love most about this time of the year? Sure, the weather is great and sitting in my little garden, wearing sunglasses and enjoying the sun while writing the blogpost is a great moment, but there’s something else. The season change always comes along with new and inspiring trends. I was happy enough to be invited to a pressday hosted by Relationsroom to check out some of the upcoming trends.

I wear my sunglasses at night…

Actually I am not – but the song is just to catchy :) The pressday started off with probably the most needed accessories for the summer: sunglasses in different shapes and colours. I’m a long time lover of Roberto Cavalli’s designs and immediately fell for his shades. Luckily, I am currently in need of a new pair of glasses and might even consider one of them. However, these year’s designs are more colourful than ever and remind me of the glasses the girls used to wear in the 60ies or 70ies. Seems like another decade will get its revival!


Beside other various jewellery, one has certainly caught my eye. Xenox makes wonderful jewellery out of silver, brass and bronze and combines it with their unique style. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are among the things they can make just for you.

One more thing that was certainly worth a look, were the nylons by Item m6. They might not look that sexy and they certainly won’t win a prize at the next date night, but they are just great for your legs. They keep your thighs and feet compressed, while you are on a long flight or have to stand several hours a day. So, if your summer holidays in Hawaii are already booked, you don’t need to worry about your legs on the long flight anymore ;)

sunglasses-4 sunglasses-5 sunglasses-6

There were many other things to see that afternoon, but these certainly caught my eye. So, are you up to a new pair of sunglasses? Or are you more the jewellery type of girl – well, who isn’t ;)?

Have a nice start to the week :)

xx Bella

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