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photo shoot

Photo Shoots – Live.Laugh.Love

After all the perfect photo shoot and looks that I’ve shared with you I’ve never shown you what actually happens Behind the Scenes. What does it take to get that one perfect picture? A lot more than you might have thought.

Life and Photo Shoot

photo shootphoto shootphoto shootphoto shoot

Sometimes it takes me minutes to warm up and this includes a lot of grimace and laughs. I’m glad to have my husband as my photographer as he’s really patient with me during the photo shoot. These pics are even new to me too as I didn’t knew that they exist. My husband might have kept them away from me,  because he knew that I would delete them within seconds :D I don’t even remember the situation and poses so it’s fun to see my reactions. There has never been a photo shoot without laughs, some little doubts and awkward moments and I’m glad to be part of them.

Since I’m still having the flu, I wasn’t able to shoot on the weekends. I hope you don’t mind that I skipped this weeks outfit post. I promise I’ll be back soon with another exciting look in the upcoming week! But for now I need to recover to get back on track as soon as possible. Tea and soup are the two main things I consume all-day and my bed already become my best friend :) As a person who’s always productive, it’s hard for me to lay in bed all-day and I need something to do or I go crazy! However, my body truly needs some energy and I’m going to give him what he needs.

It’s finally weekend and I promised myself to watch the three missing episodes of House of Cards Season 3 by the end of the week. This show is amazing and I can recommend it everyone to watch it. So my weekend is already perfectly planned ;)

Enjoy and relax girls!
xx Belle

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