Mauritius #2 – Palm Trees

Mauritius #2 – Palm Trees

The most beautiful thing that I could imagine during my days in Mauritius was waking up and being surrounded by palm trees. IMG_3742_wIt’s just not about the palm trees I saw there but more about the beautiful island. In my latest post I was raving about the sights, the culture and food. I had enough time to get to know this little island and to find the perfect shooting spots in between palm trees and the sea. It was almost time to get back to the route and to talk about “What I Wore to Honeymoon” :)

Palm Trees in Black-Red

Palm-printed blouse by Zara, Layered Palazzo Trouser by Zara


Necklace with Coins: H&M


Sunnies by SMH


Leather sandals by Mango

When I’m on holiday I recognize how my style becomes different every time. Moving from chic and classy to cozy and casual. Putting on my oversize shirts and some relaxing pants are the first signs for a “Holiday!” shout out.  I love to wear my hair natural after a swim in the sea. The sea-salt adds a nice structure to it and the curly style is just perfect for those day. I still can’t believe how good my skin becomes after a few days without wearing makeup. Since I’m used to wearing it almost everyday I try to keep it when I’m on holidays. I was lucky to find this amazing palm tree printed shirt at Zara’s sale before I left. The little palm trees combined with the blazing red shade are total eyecatchers and perfect if you want to add more spice to the look.

When I came back from my wedding to get packed I still had a lot of shopping to do the days before. It was stressful (we only had two days!) but somehow I managed to stop by mango to get me those lovely leather sandals. I was so glad I bought them since I wore them very often because of their coziness easy to slip on and off!

palm_trees_sorayaTime passed by to quick and I’m back in my hometown again. I was so delighted to make such an amazing experience with adventures from Mauritius to France. For now it’s time to look forward and to get back to the blogroad again ;)




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