Over-the-Knee Socks
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Over-the-Knee Socks

It has been a huge talk for a while now and I thought a lot about it. Over-the-knee socks are great to wear with mini skirts and look pretty on everyone.

In one of my December blogposts I created a mood board related to them to gather some inspiration and impressions. Although I decided to buy me some over-the-knee socks before Christmas I didn’t find any time to go shopping. My husband didn’t forget about my wish and bought them for me. I got them on Christmas Eve and I was extremely pleased. When I put them on I noticed they actually looked more like knee socks than over-the-knee socks. They were only available in universal size and that was the reason why they turned out too short for my long legs :D I liked them already from the start that’s why it doesn’t matter to me. Fortunately, however I made it to the city during the holidays and made a find.over-the-knee socks

over-the-knee socks

Over-the-knee Socks – Choosing Grey

The grey colour was the shade I really wanted because I knew it would suit most of my skirts and dresses. Black goes as well but I wanted to try them first before buying another one. Most of the tights I own are by Falke. The products they sell are extremely durable and don’t tear very easily like others. These are different and by Hudson, a also well-known brand. They were actually available in two different materials but I finally decided on cotton. There’s style on one hand but nothing beats coziness ;)


Over-the-knee socks: Hudson (Similar)
Knee-socks: Calzedonia (Similar)

over-the-knee socks

over-the-knee socks

over-the-knee socks

over-the-knee socks

In my childhood Cotton tights were a nightmare to me and I absolutely hated wearing them. I became older, maybe a little wiser and am ready to give them another try. I will have to wait until it gets warmer to wear them.

What are your plans for the weekend?


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