Ombre Curls & Flowers

Ombre Curls & Flowers

When I get a new haircut or my hair dyed  for the ombre style it’s one of the best things that can happen to me in a week, especially if valentine`s day is almost here.
Everyone is getting excited about valentine’s day and most of us already have the gifts for our beloved. Some of us choose a romantic dinner, and others are looking for a special gift.

ombre_sorayaTo be honest with you, I don’t think that gifts are really important to show people what you’re feeling for them. If you really love and respect each other, your valentine’s day will be perfect without any doubt. I decided for myself that the ombre would be the best present to me and I couldn’t deny to show it to you in today’s outfit post:


Necklace: Forever 21 & Thomas Sabo Charms


Jeans: Levis Curve
Ankle Boots: Zara

Ombre getting ready for Sunday shoot

This weekend I didn’t go outside, I wanted to stay at home with my fiancé – well the cozy blanket on my couch made the final win :)
The weather in Vienna was really cloudy and cold but on monday the sun decided to appear again and I had the chance to take new pictures.


Flower Vest: Forever 21
Shirt & Bag: Mango

As location I chose the beautiful Stadtpark in the city centre with its different scenes. The bridge was an eyecatcher thats why i took most of my photos there and of course because of the great sun reflection on my ombre hair – just kidding :P


Still looking for a valentines look?

Most of you have recognized the “Video” Category- if you’re looking for a special look or a make-up tutorial you can watch my videos by clicking on the menu button. The videos are basically in german language, and I hope that’s okay for all of you :)

I wish you all a short week and  have a beautiful valentines day!

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