My Wishlist is Sweeter than Christmas Morning
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My Wishlist is Sweeter than Christmas Morning

I have revealed many Wishlists and Gift Guides in the last days: „The BFF Gift Guide“, „The Socks and Tea Guide“ and „The Gift Guide for Him“. But there’s one still missing and that one would be mine.

When it comes to my wishlist it is quite unconventional. Over the last years and past Christmases I realised that it has been never the same again how it was back then when I was a little kid. Friends and especially my family got busier every year and Christmas Eve became more and more a duty to everyone. Although we spent a lot of time together Christmas Eve became different and it happened that I spent the last two years with my husbands family. Kind of a little family drama, huh? But that happened in the past and will change by now. Thanks to my husband, who finally brought back Christmas Spirit into our house, I’m happier than ever before.

5 Things on my Wishlist

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that my parents are going to celebrate Christmas Eve with us at home this year. Yay! This makes it for me one of the greatest wishes come true. It doesn’t count, cause it’s not a gift to buy but this has been on my Wishlist for a very long time. After a very stressful and stuffed year including our wedding and all the big changes that we’ve been through we decided to stay in town for our first Christmas as newlyweds. To sweet to beat :P I don’t want to sweet-talk you guys. Ready for my unbeatable wishlist?

1. Kitten Glasses by Victoria Beckham

I have been thinking about it for a while and a new pair of glasses would be just the right thing to start the new year. The frame is an total eyecatcher!

2. American Vintage

I explored the shop during my stay in London a few weeks ago. I liked the vintage clothes a lot and fell for this grey coat.

3. Chloé Baylee

This bag..mhmm still dreaming about it!

4. Butlers Sideboard

Definitely on my wishlist – this sideboard! We still have an old one standing in our living room and it needs to be replaced. We started our little refurnishing project a few weeks ago and this sideboard would fit in our little home perfectly!

5. Do what you love…

Just reminds me of my big decision I had to make this year. No it’s not my wedding ;)  It’s all about taking new risks and the will to get to the next level. I thought this quote would have a nice place in my office!

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