Moving To London #3 – Bye Bye Vienna

Moving To London #3 – Bye Bye Vienna

Bye bye Vienna and greetings from London my loves! We arrived yesterday afternoon after a stressful 7 hour journey – with an stopover in Hamburg – and since we were on our feet all day our only thought was to get into bed as quick as possible. I was packing for more than two days and I found it quite challenging to fit in my whole life in two suitcases. When I’m packing I always take too much with me I know, but I’d want to be prepared the best way possible. regarding my preparations I quickly found out that my luggage was slightly over 23kg. What a pity! I had to pay 165€ for overweight. Despite the fact that it’s a one way ticket I found it easier to deal with.

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Saying goodbye to family and friends was more difficult than I actually thought it would be when moving to London. Although I’m quite tough when it comes to emotional moments I would lie if I say that it was super easy for me leaving a home behind that I got used to for so many years. One of the hardest things  was saying goodbye to my little frenchie, as I’ve already got used to her barks and late night cuddle sessions. However it’s good to know that it’s not for last but for a few months until she will finally move with me to London too. Besides the fact that saying goodbye is never a pretty thing moving to London comes with a lot of advantages. I keep thinking of all the exciting events coming up this month such as London Fashion Weekend, the one or other freshers party and some exciting exhibitions that I’m already thrilled to visit.

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For today I had my very first breakfast as Londoner at a place called Blightly Coffee. It’s really lovely and the dishes are awesome! In the afternoon I’m going to pick up a book of my university reading list- the first one! It’s quite rainy today so I hope it will stop in the afternoon.

All the best

xx Bella

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