Mood board, Paper Love & Handicraft
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Mood board, Paper Love & Handicraft

Falling in Love with paper? That means paper love. In combination with fashion it’s the good old mood board filled with our thoughts and inspirations.

If I am talking about Pinterest most of you will say ” nothing new to me”, “Pinterest? pfff ” got lots of pins and boards” – and I would answer quite the same. Nowadays we’re able to collect  and share our visual ideas on pinterest with other people.

Sometimes I miss having things in my hand, like a piece of paper or an album. This month I tried  to collect my ideas in a good old-fashioned way – a mood board I created on my own. I won’t forget the challenge with the glue all day :S

What I always do after I read them – cutting out the pieces I love the most or I can’t live without ;)


Every magazine I receive or buy is filled with lots of great stuff but most of them don’t give you the short info you need right now. They are your best choice at breakfast or lunchtime but not on the go.  That was the reason why I decided to get most of the fashion news online (f.e. InStyle, Woman, Diva etc.)


These styles are quite used to every fashionista – The typically Boho Girl, a little of Grunge Style, the Pretty One and of course the “Lady who’s getting ready for the opera”-Style and much more mood boards. It can be very helpful to get your ideas down to paper and I recommend it to everyone who loves handicraft like me.
What am I doing with the mood board? I am planning to hang them up on the wall as pictures!

Let me know what you think about! Have a good one lovelies!

Fashion pen behind the Wearabelle Journal │Fitness junkie who lives by the Wine Not Wednesday rule and cheese.

  • really nice idea to put them up on the wall :) might think about this as well! xx

    • Beauty by Soraya

      thx ;) awesome! let me know if you tried out :)


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