Miss Vienna – Event Recap

Miss Vienna – Event Recap

Hey guys! I noticed that I missed posting my latest “Get Ready With Me” for you. Before I went to Poland I have been invited to the Miss Vienna Event in Austria and I decided to film my outfit, makeup and hair for you. To give you all a short view i picked out some images of the video:

Miss Vienna1Miss Vienna5 Miss Vienna6 Miss Vienna7
If you got excited  about my outfit for the miss vienna event, you can watch the full video here.

My opinion about the miss vienna 2014 event: It was really well patronized but the catering was really bad. When my fiance and I arrived there the bars were already empty and we didn’t get the chance to get something to drink or to eat.

So we decided to enjoy the show and left the event quite early. We decided to stick around and chose the Ströck Feierabend for a light meal. Although we had a funny evening and enjoyed it very well.

I can’t believe it’s almost friday and I’m getting really excited for the weekend.What are my plans for today’s night out? I’m going to a concert of the band Reasons – My fiance is the drummer in the band and  drumming is his biggest hobby. While I’m filming my Make-Up Tutorials, he’s drumming in the room next door :D Sounds crazy but we love the difference.


Okay guys shoutout for everyone in vienna: If your curious about the concert in vienna tonight, find us at DasBach. Hurry, tickets are still available ;)
Have a nice friday!

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