Meet Grace The French Bulldog

Meet Grace The French Bulldog

Our weekend trip to Warsaw happened by accident. My husband and I got married last year and since then we are thankful for every moment and enjoy our lives together. Our house became a long-time project as there’s still a lot of renovation work to do, but I love to see how comfortable it becomes each day. Although everything was perfect, something was missing in our lives and it was time for something new.

Grace – A Frenchie to Love

It’s time to meet our new addition and family member, little Grace. She’s a purebred french bulldog who we found through a dog breeder in Warsaw. We decided to go for a weekend trip to Warsaw to get to know the mother and the puppies. I noticed Grace first as she wasn’t shy and such an awaken frenchie. We couldn’t deny and brought her home with us. She’s just one week with us and we already fell for this sweet cappuccino-coloured girl. Grace is 10 weeks old and sleeps a lot but when she’s up she wants to be cuddled all day. It’s still not easy to leave her at alone, when we’re off to the supermarket or to work, but she has to get used to it. Although it’s hard to leave her behind, we’ll always find excuses to leave the office earlier.


Grace was the best thing that could ever happen to us as she calms us down and lifts us up with her lovely woof. She brings energy and a lot of life to the house and there’s nothing prettier than waking up next to this little thing. Snow isn’t her best friend yet as she’s totally sinking into it but she’s proudly presenting her nose candy! We are both impressed by her cleverness as she learns commands like “sit” and “come” very quick. I’m excited to watch her grow and can’t wait to get to know her better. We tried to take some pictures but it was challenging to hold the camera steadily as she tried to play with it.


I think she’ll keep me busy the next days :) It might take some time until she masters the perfect pose for my fashion shoots but she’ll proof it very soon! She’s quite shy so I’m doing a little shout out for her: If you want to follow her adventurous life don’t hesitate to check out her Instagram ;)

xx Belle

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  • Jessica (What To Style)

    Aww she’s so adorable! =D

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  • shahin

    Grace is soooo cute and beautiful :) I love her and many Hugs and kisses <3

  • Carmen

    omg !!! sie ist soo lieb und ich liebe es dass ihr sie Grace genannt habt :) passt perfekt!

  • Joanna Dan.

    I am so glad that Warsaw is going to be city that resembles you of your sweet little puppy. Anyway, Grace is super cute, when I look at her I see even more bright sides of having a dog around :)

    • Yes I’m so happy we got her from Warsaw from a lovely breeder <3


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