Louis Vuitton Series 3 – Gasp!

Louis Vuitton Series 3 – Gasp!

Being a fashion student often comes with many opportunities. Since I got my UAL student mail account, things turned upside down daily, from managing my way to uni to attending lots of informative events. Sometimes I wish there was time to catch a breath! Besides LFW and London Fashion Weekend I spent mostly time at exhibitions, several museums and on taking pics for my blog. However there was one thing that I couldn’t wait to share with you guys – that day when I had this amazing invitation in my mailbox: Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition!

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Located at The Strand, also well known for last years LFW hotspot the Sumerset House, you we’re welcomed by a professional tourguide who basically knew everything about Louis Vuitton and it’s magnifique creator Nicolas Ghesquière.
The creative process was properly structured, starting with the first room demonstrating vision and idea including forms and geometrical arrangements. You could almost see the world of Louis Vuitton through the creative directors eyes, a structured and detailed vision split up in bits and pieces. Marvelous handicraft was seen at the workshop on one of the many upper floors and visitors couldn’t almost stop looking at those nimble fingers wandering around the bag, putting it together to perfection. Besides the pretty handicraft workshop, you could explore all the things of the latest collection: Yeah right, we’re talking about those OMG bags that leave you gasping and many other pretty pieces hanging in a bright glass wardrobe room(yep we’re talking about THE dream wardrobe!) waiting to be spotted. The private tour, which was offered to LCF students only, was probably the best experience I ever had in Fashion so far. Like any other woman I am obsessed with Louis Vuitton for many years and although I still don’t have a bag yet (the day will come I promise) I was impressed and pleased to have a look behind the curtain of the brand.

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The exhibition is open to public until the 18th of October! Hurry to get a sneak in the last few days for an unforgetable experience.

Have a lovely one!
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