London Photo Diary #2 – Tower Bridge
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London Photo Diary #2 – Tower Bridge

Cheers to weekend loves! Today I wanted to share with you the last pictures of my Lndon travel including a very special outfit. After being on our feet the whole three days, we noticed that short distances in London are more a minimum of  2 kilometers. I was used to walking whenever it’s possible, as I’m a very active person who loves doing that extra miles every day. However London is slightly different to that especially when it comes to making miles – you’re going to walk a lot more so don’t underestimate it ;)

Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Firstly I have to admit that Tower Bridge was a part of London I hadn’t had the chance to explore yet. It’s located in East London and features the famous tourist attraction such as the Tower of London and London Bridge and of course the beautiful boardwalks along the river thames with it’s little cafes and soft ice stalls. When it comes to the soft ice I could tell you a long story about it and if you have already watched my video you’ll know what I’m talking about. I remembered the soft ice I ate on my first London trip and it was perfect :D After a long search from Soho to Tower Bridge I was happy to finally find the perfect super soft ice like I remembered it and I was very pleased :D
Getting back to the look that I’ve planned for you today, this one’s more into business and very feminine. I believe this look fits perfectly the business area and compared to the part of London I already knew, East London is much more modern when it comes to Architecture and especially most of the facades contain glass constructions.

P6300353_w P6300346_w P6280078-2_w P6300379_w


Dress: H&M
Sunglasses: i-am
High heel sandals: H&M
Bag: Zara

P6300424_w P6300430_w

Have a lovely weekend!

xx Bella

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