Life Ball Preparation – Covered in Nature

Life Ball Preparation – Covered in Nature

I’m getting excited for the Life Ball, only one day left until the big event starts. I was starting to work on my accessories for the dress on monday and I’m so happy I finished it yesterday. I took some snapshots while putting everything together, to give you an insight of what I’m going to wear for the Life Ball this year.

Life Balls “Garden of Earthly Delights”…

The topic of this years Life Ball is “Garden of Earthly Delights”, and it was a bit of a challenge until I knew what I was going to create. I had lots of ideas and of course the style bible was a great source to get some inspiration.lifeball_sorayalifeball_soraya I decided to spice up my green gown because it suits perfectly to the garden & flower theme. Last monday I went to Zaruba, because they got lots of decoration materials for the lifeball. I was so glad that  my fiancé and I found the right materials for each of our outfits. I bought some english ivy and flowers to create a scarf out of flowers.lifeball_sorayalifeball_soraya

My plans for today? Heading to Christine Wegscheider this afternoon to discuss my hair styling that I am going to wear this saturday. She’s a great hairstylist and I love her work a lot. She’s a professional in Up-Do’s and I’m getting excited of what she’s going to plan for my hair- can’t wait to hear her ideas. I’m a bit worried about my hair, I don’t have much of it but she already said on the phone she’s going to make it look awesome. I should stop worrying then :P

Life Ball’s Sad Side…

I can’t take my big cam with me, it’s just not allowed – What a pity! :( But I’m going to take my little digital camera with me to take some snaps for you and the blog. Before I forget: I’m still carrying my phone with me –  Keep checking your instagram feed, I’ll keep you updated :)

Have a lovely one,

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