LFW Escape – Where to have it in S(t)ylence

LFW Escape – Where to have it in S(t)ylence

Kicking off on Thursday at Brewer Street, LFW is the place to be; to stumble upon the craziest people and head-to-toe looks, to get square eyes, you’re always on your phone, and to stuff your tummy with canapés. #LFWEscape will guide you through the fashion marathon.I remember last year, when I was so busy taking street style pics that I was about to cry when they were handing out snacks and “Proper Corn” packages to visitors. I had them in all flavours and it was my best choice because I didn’t want to leave my hot spot. That wasn’t an option at all, as it was my first time being part of LFW.

This year I’m going to work during Fashion Week, which means skipping food and coffee is not a solution. I’ve put together my LFW Escapes including top coffee and food places that are worth to check out not only because they’re really cool but also within walking distance to Brewer Street. Let’s say, if gulping down in 5 isn’t your thing, give it a thought…



63 Dean St, London W1D 4QG
My number 1 #LFWEscape goes to the love of Ramen! This is my favourite place when I crave a Ramen. I must say I prefer Pho over Ramen, but their Ramen’s are tasty and come in big portions: My number 1 is the Shimeji, Shiitake & Miso Ramen with Edamame as a side!
So, in case you need to cure a hangover of last nights After Party, this soup will get you back on your feet again.

Mister Lasagna

53 Rupert St, London W1D 7PG
There’s nothing you can do wrong with Lasagna. It’s one of my favourite dishes when I crave Italian food and this shop has all the flavours that you can imagine. The best thing you get here is half, regular or tris lasagnas perfect for the small or big hunger. Tip: If you’re more on the Vegan side try the Pumpkin Lasagna with blue cheese.

Vegan Hippo 52

Rupert St, London W1D 6DS
If you have a heart for dumplings and vegan cream cheese this could be your destination for that other type of breakfast. As the name spoils already they’ve got a lot of vegan going on on their menu. Tip: Try the gyros wrap with kale chips-pure heaven!



9 Brewer St, London W1F 0RG

During the past few weeks, I have broken the record in eating Frozen Yoghurt. It’s just the only thing I can think about when being on the tube again, with nor air condition. Next stop therefore always Snog. You can always squeeze in a Froyo in your small breaks.

Damson and Co

21 Brewer St, London W1F 0RL
First question when I crossed this place: Why the hell is it always so crowded?
It’s one of the few coffee places that doesn’t take reservations and welcomes walk-in only. It’s a place that never stays empty and where people line up for their perfectly brewed Flat White or Cafe Latte. One of their top notch stuff on the menu is food. They cover everything from breakfast to dinner and their cocktails are a must to try after a long day at Fashion Week. It’s mostly busy but if you’ve got that extra 5 to wait, it’s worth it.


Soho Grind

19 Beak St, Soho, London W1F 9RP
Did someone say artsy? It will cost you that extra 5 to get there but you’ll get what every coffee lover wants: This is the place to be, to get that one cup of real Italian ristretto. Italian coffee reminds us off strong, rich and not watery (thinking of Americano?) cups made with love. Their coffee is by far the best I know. My afternoons always ask for emergency coffee that are super strong and keep me awake. Therefore my go-to choice is the ristretto or the Nitro Cold Brew (this one beats Tantrum on all points!).


7 Archer St, London W1D 7AU
One of my fave Italian ice cream stores in London and I got introduced to it by my Italian friend Paola. She knows the best Italian ice cream shops all over London, this one is by far the best. I call it the “grown up” ice cream since it has some untypical flavours like chilli, avocado and basil.

Nordic Bakery

4A Golden Square, London W1F 9JG
I miss bread a lot since I left my hometown. Wholemeal bread coming in different types was essential to me. I was so glad I discovered the Nordic Bakery in Notting Hill a few weeks ago and I absolutely fell for their warm and soft oven baked rolls. Luckily they have another branch close to Brewer Street which can be reached within a few minutes. If I’m going to be in a hurry, this will be my first choice, since they serve also great coffee and tasty cinnamon buns.

This will be #LFWEscape and survival guide for the next 6 days. Fashion Week is the busiest time of the year and although we all want to be part of it, on day six we cannot wait to loosen our heels and put up our feet. Can’t wait to have a big glass of wine – Cheers!

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