LFW Part 2 – What I Wore
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LFW Part 2 – What I Wore

Welcome to LFW Part 2! In the first part I gave you an insight in the showrooms at London Fashion Weekend. In case you want to cast a glance find it here. Trying to find what to wear to London Fashion Weekend wasn’t a easy task at all. Since I have moved to London without my fancy wardrobe, I find it difficult to put the perfect outfit together – especially for such a exceptional occasion!

While managing those up’s and downs in weather changes, I decided to go for my favourite summer dress, which you might already know from my Unicorn look this year. Flattering and effortless pieces are always a good choice as well as animal print and light fabrics. Keeping it simple is the key and I didn’t want to overload it with accessories and colours. This coat is my favourite autumn clothing item. Although I got it by Zara – my thoughts on Zara changed a little in the past few months – I am an advocate of tan coats that come in a straight cut. After having this coat for a while now, I accidentally discovered a pocket on the inside! Since I’ve had a lot to carry that day I was happy to have a place to store my phone in it. Remember those overknee boots? My style changed in the past three months but the 70s decade still remained in my mind and so I went for the classic block heels.

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Dress: ASOS
Coat: Zara
Overknees: Zara
Bag: Picard
Necklace: Zara

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Since I’ve been in London I was also very happy to have made friends with a lovely girl called Monica. Since my photographers not around I was very happy to have her taking the snapshots – So the credits go to her :) I hope you enjoy the first Fall signs – Talking about a pumpkin spice latte, a hot chocolate and loads of cups of tea!

xx Bella

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