Kylie Jenner’s Inspired 90s Lip Tutorial
kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner’s Inspired 90s Lip Tutorial

Remember the famous Instagram pic of Kylie Jenner? There were lots of rumors about her lips and about undertaking plastic surgery. It made me think about it and I knew that the answer to all of it was makeup. The nude lip became very popular in den 90s. Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and more were after the makeup trend. Bobbi Brown launched her own lipstick line in 1990 which consisted of only ten natural shades. Since the 90s natural shades and colours became more popular in the world of beauty. If you want to receive bigger and voluminous lips like Kylie Jenner it’s only a makeup technique that you can practice. I did another short video tutorial for you that will help you to get your nude lips with ease. Curious about it?

Kylie Jenner Lips – Instructions

kylie jenner kylie jenner kylie jenner  kylie jenner kylie jennerkylie jenner

  1. Start by applying Foundation or Concealer to your lips.
  2. Blend in very well by using a makeup sponge or your BeautyBlender
  3. Start lining your lips with Barely Brown by Loreal Paris. Make sure to draw your lips a bit bigger than they usually are.
  4. Blend in the harsh lines of the liner.
  5. Fill in your lips with the rosy shades first. After your done use the last lipliner shade Inglot 65 to blend everything together.
  6. Finish you look by using your fave nude coloured lipstick (MAC Soft Sand)
  7. To keep your result matt and flat use a Kleenex afterwards.
  8. Voila! Perfect Bombshell lips like Kylie Jenner!

Tip: When it comes to choosing your lipliner shades for your Kylie Jenner lips stick to three colours: brown, soft pink-purple, and rosy shades. These three colours combined add a lot of volume and keep your lips very natural.

When to wear it?

It doesn’t take much time so you can easily add it to your daily makeup routine.



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  • Das probiere ich unbedingt mal aus, denn ich habe von Mutter Natur so dermaßen schmale Lippen mit bekommen! Liebe Grüße, Kirsten

    • Super freut mich zu hören :) Wenn du fragen hast kannst du gern auf mich zurückkommen!


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