Perfume JF Schwarzlose Berlin – For your Sense
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Perfume JF Schwarzlose Berlin – For your Sense

JF Schwarzlose Berlin is actually a perfume I tried lately but before I’m going to give you a insight in the various perfumes, let’s talk about the reason why everyone’ s obsessed about them.

All the Perfumes & JF Schwarzlose Berlin…

perfume_soraya  When it comes to perfumes, we all know we can’t live without them. There are several fragrances from harsh to subtle One’s but there are maybe one or two that suit us very well.

I for instance got perfumes for each moment:perfume_soraya

  • My “let’s go to work” perfume or let’s call it the non-sexy fragrance :P
  • My “romantic dinner” perfume for date night, It’s  for the lovely part in me and smells subtle
  • My “party dance” & “Let’s go for a run” perfume, I love to wear it when I’m out with my girls and it’s very sporty in it’s smell

So as you can see every moment in my life is filled with great perfumes :)

Finding JF Schwarzlose Berlin at Tiberius…

perfume_sorayaperfume_sorayaI went shopping last week and stopped at Tiberius in the 7th district of vienna. I read about the new perfume and so I went there and got myself some samples.

 perfume_soraya  As you can see my cute little package included five amazing fragrances:

  • Trance
    A harsh perfume that I would wear if I would be the Androgynous Girl. It’s very sporty in it’s smell and you can wear it as day perfume.
  • Zeitgeist
    perfume_sorayaHas a very lovely smell. It reminds me of my girlhood when I had my first perfume. Smells very bloomy!
  • Rausch
    I call it my sexy perfume. To me it’s like aphrodisiac and I would definitely wear it on a date night.
  • Treffpunkt 8 Uhr
    Smells very subtle and has a touch of lemon. If your looking for something fresh and sporty, this would be the right one for you.
  • 1A-33
    in my opinion it smells harsh and is perfect for power girls. It smells flowerish too and I love to wear it.

perfume_sorayaIf you would ask me which one would be my favourite, I would go for Zeitgeist! It’s very timeless and suits me very good. I think I’m going to get me a great full bottle of it :)How do you think about perfumes? How many do you own?

Let me know in the comments below!

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