Invisibobble – A Wonder Item For Every Hairstyle
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Invisibobble – A Wonder Item For Every Hairstyle

Lately I discussed my nearly demolished hair with my hairdresser. Oh yeah, I got myself a new Sombré look almost one year ago – it looked so great with these delicate blonde tips. Eventually, I got pretty bored with it after a few weeks and thought, that my new hairstyle is barely noticeable (I have to say, that I never dyed them before). I decided on more highlights, more blonde on the tips and got them bleeched again…and there went my mane, because my hair got dry and I have to use a lot of care products since then.

When I first heard of “Invisibobble”, I thought “What? A phone wire in my hair?” I could not understand how these little wonders would work at that time, but my hairdresser pointed at my messy bun and said “You’re wearing your hair like that? You’ll destroy it and make it break!” Let’s be honest here: buns are the perfect hairstyle for work, close to an old-fashioned ponytail or a french braid. She showed me some kind of phone wire: Invisibobble are the best alternative for traditional scrunchies.

Invisibobble and Their Mysterious Power…



A huge plus for the flexibility of these small Invisibobble! It doesn’t matter if you got a mane or spare hair, they always fit and don’t seem to move the whole day. One of the most important thing is, that they don’t irritate your scalp – most of you know the uncomfortable headache in the evening after wearing a bun the whole day. All hairstyles are possible and there’s even another neat thing: if you decide to have your hair open, just wrap the Invisibobble around your wrist and pull that style of!


I decided on the brown colour, because they fit my current hair the most and are nearly invisible. You can order transparent, mintgreen and babyblue Bobbles, each of them will provide a little more spice to your look. If you decide on a box, don’t be suprised by the small box: you get 3 pieces. Do your hair some favor and let them rest – the products really keep their promise and are affordable.


Since I destroyed my hair, I became more cautious. I hope the colour will soon fade away. I thought about choosing my natural chocolatebrown again – what do you think?

Have a lovely weekend!

xx Bella

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