Depop is the must-have app for every London girl. It’s the go-to place to sell your stuff authentically – no product pics and filters- and my favourite when I want to shop no-name products. Since I changed my style during my one year life in London, I noticed I got a bunch of garments that were a pain in the eye. Moments like “Why the hell did I buy that pink dress that looks like I stole it from ‘Legally Blonde’?” occurred when I browsed through my wardrobe. My closet was about to burst at the seams and I knew that my little black one by Diane von Fürstenberg dress was about to suffocate in the dark. For the sake of my beloved vintage garments I started a rescue mission last night and cleaned out my closet.

Once sorted out I usually donate everything, which is why I haven’t even tried selling it before. This time, I decided to give the fancy app a go; Besides clothes I put up some bags and sportswear as well. Have a look at my goodies before they’re gone for good!