How To Make Flowers Look Expensive
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How To Make Flowers Look Expensive

Spring’s season is so close and I’m so happy that cloudy days are almost over.I spent the last days at home due to my illness to recover and recharge.

The sun is out right on time on the weekends and I went for a walk to go for a blow. My little frenchie keeps me on the move all-day. I spent lots of time outside, to play with the pup, to do some dog training and to take her for a walk. She’s really excited and pokes her nose into all kind of things. Back home, I’m always in the mood to get my house springlike! What’s better than a pretty vase with fresh flowers? We all know that fresh flowers are expensive if you want to have them everyday. I’m always on the lookout for a budget-friendly version and I ended up with this beautiful bouquet, which is really budget-friendly, but let me get more into detail ;)

How to make flowers look expensive

  How To Make Flowers Look Expensive How To Make Flowers Look Expensive How To Make Flowers Look Expensive How To Make Flowers Look Expensive How To Make Flowers Look Expensive How To Make Flowers Look Expensive

I’m a huge fan of orchids but I call them the luxury version of flowers since they’re not the cheapest ones. How to make flowers look expensive? My bouquet was created with flowers that are quite similar to orchids and I decided for tulips and peonies. In addition I bought some greens to give the bouquet a pretty “body” making it look more natural.

Start to build the crown a.k.a. the center of the bouquet with 1-2 peonies and 3 tulips. I have to admit that I have only bought a few peonies, as I decided to set them as a highlight. Place the the rest of the tulips around you crown and start adding the greens as you wish. Don’t forget to tie it together with a yarn, to keep your flowers in place.

If you’re planning to visit friends and you were thinking about fresh flowers, keep my DIY in mind. You’ll just need to add manila paper and wrap it around the bouquet- like you’ve just bought them at your florist ;)

I hope you liked this little guide and I think it might help you to get in spring mood.

xx Belle

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  • Michèle

    Das sieht so wunderschön aus! Ich mag ja weisse Blumen sowieso total gerne, aber das toppt ja wohl meine simplen weissen Tulpen um Längen.

    • Danke Michele! Es kommt nur auf die richtige Kombination von Blumen an, dann sieht jeder Strauss toll aus :)


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