Dry Shampoo Update – More Hair Care Products!
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Dry Shampoo Update – More Hair Care Products!

You probably already noticed that haircare is extremely important to me. I don’t visit my trusted coiffeur every second week to get a full head spa treatment, so I have to take care of it on my own. Several weeks ago I introduced my secret weapon – the dry shampoo that helps me to keep my hair fresh as long as possible. Many of you have asked me about the dry shampoo, which is why I decided  to reach out for some more Toni & Guy hair care products to test them. So, without any further ado – let us begin!

Hair Care Products For Everyone

Let me start by saying, that I bought products that were interesting for my type of hair. However, these are not unique or type specific products at all, so you might want to have a look at them.

Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo

Here it is – the 2.0 version of my beloved dry shampoo. This time it even boosts your flat hair and lifts it up high in the sky – I guess you could already sense that by the name. The application is super easy and comes with a little difference to the one I showed you already. This one really ads up a lot of volume to your hair and is perfect for that Friday business lunch after the Thursday After-Work-Clubbing night ;)

Classic Hair Spray

What? Just a casual hair spray? Yes, it’s nothing more and nothing less. Except that this one makes your hair feel less sticky and softer. I had to make up my hair really fast the other day and the hairspray turned it into a natural looking hairdo.


Glamour Serum Drops

The little bottle holds a hair polish that can heal your dried out hair-ends. Rub a drop of it between your fingers and massage it gently into your dry split ends. This is the product that got me instantly, as I could nearly see it’s effect quite soon. So, if you have to fight a lot with dry hair – that’s the one hair care product you have to go for.

Casual Sea Salt Spray

Remember the feeling you had after your last beach holiday? This spray sets you instantly back in that mood. The Sea Salt Spray gives you instant curls. Just be sure to not use it too often – it could dry out your hair ;)

Heat Protection Mist

Last but not least  – the essential hair care product for every girl who likes to curl, straighten or blow-dry her hair. The Heat Protection Mist does everything it’s name stands for: it protects from the heat – the natural enemy of your beloved hair! Use it regularly and every time you end up with a ready-to-use iron in your hand.


That’s it girls – my bathroom is full of these products now and on a side-note: they all smell lovely. So, if you want to do something good to your hair, go and get these goodies for you. Have a great start into the week!

xx Bella

*In collaboration with Toni&Guy 

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