Gifts for Him: The Holiday Gift Guide
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Gifts for Him: The Holiday Gift Guide

Finally I started to count the last days to Christmas Eve. Most of you have already done their Christmas shopping or are going to buy the last goods this week. The week before Christmas is very stressful and I end up running from one shop to another. Even when I managed to wrap all of my gifts, there is always something that catches my eye and that I have to get additionally.

Gifts for Him

In the mood for some last-minute inspiration and gifts for him? Today I will catch you up with some ideas for your significant other – your partner, boyfriend or husband. Hands down – it is still far more easier to shop for a guy, than the other way round. So what is the best deal? My search always leads me to the „fun things“ in life, like a tabletop football game or the latest addition to his beloved gaming console – either way you will instantly find something appropriate. This year I thought about the perfect gifts for him and it was more difficult than I thought. Maybe my list will help you to find something special ;)

  1. BeWooden – One of a kind

    The best gifts for him? One of them are definitely good old cufflinks! BeWooden came up with a really cool idea – cufflinks made out of wood. I am totally in a „rustical alpine hut“ mood during christmas, so I had to put them up on the list.

  2. Inquisition

    If your guy happened to disappear or be quiet for quite a long time, than it is probably this games’ fault. Just kidding ;) The game, at least as far as I can judge, is highly addictive. A must-have for all the guys who are into fantasy.

  3.  C.O.Bigelow Rose Salve

    Fits perfectly in every man’s pocket. Beauty is not restricted to the ladies and men like to care about their dry skin. A all-in-one product for face and lips.

  4. Cire Trudon – Tabacco and leather

    You know how we like to get into romantic mood by lightning up some candles? Let your man handle the situation with the perfect testosterone filled candle…made out of leather and tobacco!

  5. Topman Ring

    I won’t start to quote Beyonce here, but be sure that every man can wear a ring by now. This ring adds a nice touch to the overall look.

  6.  GOOOALIAT – Soccer

    Men need some time-out and rest. This miniature tabletop football game adds the extra spice to every office break – or if the boss has some special assignments.

  7. Fossil Townsman

    Classic and perfect and fits every guy. Brown leather bands are my favourite and are the best combination between casual and business!

  8. Grovemade-Office Upgrade

    When searching for some useful gifts for him, I came across Grovemade through an article on Harpers Bazaar. Re-decoration and styling in a man’s office is traditionally a deadly sin (yes, I tried it once and he was not able to find ANYTHING), but I think this would fit his taste perfectly. My favourites from the Walnut Desk Collection: Walnut Monitor Stand and Walnut Keyboard Tray made out of real walnut! Be sure to check out the hidden storage space beneath the keyboard tray!

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