The Beginners Guide to Gift-Wrapping
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The Beginners Guide to Gift-Wrapping

Okay guys let’s be honest – There are just a few days left and if you still don’t know how to wrap your gifts it’s definitely time to know by now.

Why we should spend so much hours on gift-wrapping? – Something I question myself every time. I’m not a complete beginner, but I’m a perfectionist when it comes to extravagant solutions. There are so much DIYs and guides on how to do that and I try out different ways every year. Although I enjoy making extraordinary creations, I think it’s a bit a waste of time. It can be daunting to see how quick gifts get unwrapped in just a few seconds. But todays post is not about math and calculations. Self-made wrapped gifts are still one of the few beautiful things in life that make us smile. I decided to make a guide with some few examples. They are easy to do and for absolute beginners!

Gift Wrapping – Tie The Perfect Bow!

When searching the internet for some new and fresh DIYs, I was happy to find this tutorial. That helped me to create the perfect bow just within seconds. It’s super easy to do and adds that certain something to everyones gift. Check out my step by step pics below.


Bow by Interio, Gift-Wrap by IKEA


Gift-Wrapping – Snickerdoodle Roll

Christmas bakery is so important to me that I couldn’t imagine any Christmas without it. I love the smell and taste of christmas cookies so much that I spent most of the last weekends before Christmas Eve in my kitchen. One of my favourite Christmas recipes are “Snickerdoodles” – super easy and super yummy!
I noticed that I have done a quite big amount I decided to give them away as little gifts to family and friends. On the lookout for the right packaging and gift-wrapping I found this amazing DIY tutorial. DIYs with recycled materials are best because in fact they are useless. Be aware of enough empty kitchen rolls – You’ll need them!


How do you wrap your gifts? What are your favourites?

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