London Photo Diary #1 – Finding A Place To Stay In London
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London Photo Diary #1 – Finding A Place To Stay In London

Happy Friday guys! I’m just back from an amazing weekend in London and had the hottest and sunniest days ever.

You might be used to these London weather rumors but I can tell you even for the fifth time that I’ve been there, I didn’t have a single rainy day. Super excited as I am I have taken some beautiful snapshots for you, featuring the Hyde Park and lots more.

One of the main reasons why I’ve been to London over the weekend was because I’ve booked a lot of viewings that had to be done. Firstly I always wanted to have my own little apartment but I quickly found out that this was something that needed a little more budget planning ;) However, instead of an apartment I found a pretty student accommodation which is close to Highbury.

Pure Highbury

Pure Highbury is  just a few minutes away from Oxford Street which comes with a great plus for me. University is also not that far away and takes me about 35 minutes to get there. Not only the room and the short term makes it so perfect, but also the distance to central London. It was quite challenging finding a place to stay in London. All in all I’m happy that I found a nice place to stay and really can’t wait to move in in September. The short term room is the best option to go for this year since I’m going to move in with my husband into an apartment in 2016. Over a long period, living in an apartment in twos comes cheaper than staying at a student accommodation for the rest of the study. The whole moving to London story comes with the disadvantage that my husband will join me a few month later, which would be December because of his job. Considering the short term and the visits I think it’s possible. Little Bella alone in London? #notscaredatall :P

Anyway, I’ve promised you some beautiful pics of London, right? There you go! P.S. I didn’t want to keep out Fridays OOTD – regard it as a perfect mix of fashion and lifestyle.Finding a Place To Stay In London-11

Finding a Place To Stay In London-10 Finding a Place To Stay In London-12

Finding a Place To Stay In London-9 Finding a Place To Stay In London-4 Finding a Place To Stay In London-5
Finding a Place To Stay In London-3Finding a Place To Stay In London-6
Finding a Place To Stay In London-7



White Shirt: Vero Moda
Slip ons: ALDO
Jeans: Zara
Jacket: Zara
Shoulder Bag: Zara

xx Bella

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