Fashion Books I Love – Fall Reading List
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Fashion Books I Love – Fall Reading List

One of my favourite seasons of the year is fall. Paying attention to my favourite books and working through my reading list. Fashion books are the One’s I love and I wanted to share my little reading list with you. I got way too much of them so let’s call this post Part 1. Most of the fashion books that I own are biographies of well-known photographers, makeup artists and stylists. Reference books including the greatest covers of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue help me when I’m in a creative need and I find a lot of inspiration in those. When planning some photo shoots I go for the books first. I just feel like a good book is often a better version instead of asking Google :) Today’s post will be all about fashion but in an old-fashioned way: fashion books in ink and paper.

Fashion Books & Inspirations

1. Harper’s Bazaars Greatest Hits

A gorgeous but heavy collection telling the story of Harper’s Bazaar from the early beginning of the century. I was always more interested in fashion history and I was really keen on looking Behind the Scenes of the magazine.

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2. Nostalgia in Vogue

This book is very similar to Harper’s Bazaars Greatest Hits. If you’re looking for some storytelling about the magazine from 2000 to 2010 this might cause your interest. A great collection of all the beautiful covers that were produced are part of this fashion book.

Fashion Books

3. Cecil Beaton in Vogue

This book is a complete biography of one of the big photographers called Cecil Beaton. He did several photo shoots and covers for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. That was one of the main reasons why he became so famous. He was well-known for his glamorous work. One of my favourite photography’s is the Twiggy portrait for Vogue.

Fashion Books

4. Paris in Style

I am fascinated by the Parisian style and so I thought I needed a Guide on “How to become a Parisian Chic”. During my tuition in Styling I have been a lot in Munich and so I found this little book at the train station. What is the Parisian Chic? How do I combine clothings the right way? This book has a lot of tips if you are serious about the Parisian style.

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5. Alexa Chung-It

Everyone knows Alexa Chung, London’s number one It-Girl. If you didn’t know her until now, you will read a lot about her and her life in her very personal book. The way she describes the fashion world through her eyes in a very cool and humoristic way is what you’re going to get in this book. Her memoirs contain a lot of private pictures and photography’s of herself which add a personal touch to every single page. If you want to get to know more about the It-Girls life, this book should have a place in your bookshelf.

Fashion Books

What are your favourite fashion books? Do you have your own favourite?

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