The UK. Home of sheep, scones and marvelous, endless tastes of tea. I think you made up your reputation, when the most famous black tea is named after your country. Well, one would think that tea is the only thing you can get around this huge city, but I have to admit: coffee is a drug and while I always react happy, when somebody asks me “fancy a cuppa?”, I would still prefer a simple “Fancy a Coffee?” – and London is all about it.

There are a few places that I already fell in love with. It may be because of their wonderful atmosphere, their location or just the taste of the barista’s product, but there is something unique in every one of them. So, without further ado – let me show you around my faves.

Maison d’être

Ah, magnifique! Loosely translated to “House of Being“, this is just it: a place, where you can hide away in the corner, on this small table and nobody will ever disturb you. Turn on your notebook, grab a good book and get yourself a superlarge Latte. So, while you are at it, you could also try on of the delicious pastries or even step in on a weekend to have some brunch – but beware: the place close to Highbury & Islington Station is quite know and so you might have to wait a little, but the prize you get is priceless.pic2

Holborn Grind

It’s easy to guess, where this one is located. I stumbled upon it, while on my way to the British Museum and felt instantly in love. The coffee kicks in immediately and explains why there are so many businesspeople around for a ristretto. The design reminds me of a new age mix of classic American dinner and Italian steampunk coffee bar. However, if you happen to arrive during lunch time, the staff will prepare you some fresh salad or panini, so don’t miss out on them!


The street food market on Berwick Street is one of my favourite ones. Each time I successfully ignore these delicious looking polish pierogi (really – you have to see time: they are as big as my hand!) and try to stick to my diet. So, my stop would be Savage Salads, who are conveniently located right outside of Soho’s best coffee shop. flatwhite offers every kind of coffee you can possibly imagine and every product is prepared with love and care (and that’s why it takes some time too – perfection needs time!). Be sure to don’t miss the brownie, while you are sipping on your cap.


Fernandez & Wells

Ok, this one is more of a late nite coffee bar/wine bar/do whatever you want bar. My girl and I were terribly hungry one late afternoon, and stumbled into this bar close to the V&A. Well, we had some coffee and I have to admit that it was great, but the bar took our heart by storm with what they had to offer. This is one of these shops, where you can still get breakfast’ish meals in the afternoon, where wine and coffee drinkers sit next to each other and everybody is having a good time.


Look Mum! No hands!

You have to admit that you smiled reading this, right? Well, you guess it – this is actually a cycle shop in the heart of Shoreditch, but offers you probably the best study atmosphere. Though it is often crowded, it never ends up being loud and noisy. So, take a seat at the big front window, get yourself a big mug and enjoy the super fast WiFi. I tend to escape to this one quite often, since I can’t learn in total silence and need something happening around me.


These were my Top 5 places to get a good, well roasted coffee in London. There are a lot more places I could recommend and maybe I will someday, but for now I would like to hear your recommendations: what are your favorite spots?

xx Bella