Easter Brunch In Vienna – Sweet and Salty

Easter Brunch In Vienna – Sweet and Salty

Easter Brunch in Vienna? Well there’s only one week left, to get everything ready right on time for Easter. It becomes a routine for me to have brunch in a new place every year and new bistros and restaurant seem to pop out everywhere. It became a trend to have breakfast outside and not at home on weekends, which is why my husband and I are always on the lookout for something new to try. Easter time is also the time when lots of tourists come to Vienna for their holidays and for having a famous Wiener Schnitzel at Figlmüller. Not only sightseeing is a great thing in Vienna but also the restaurants and bistros offer dishes from a wide range. I decided to put up a list, with my favourite foodie locations in case your planning to have your Easter brunch in Vienna. BTW there’s no breakfast without a perfect foodpic. Although I was starving to death, I couldn’t deny taking snaps of it! For today I have prepared a little collage for you and instead of showing the typical restaurant pics, I thought I show you some of the great dishes that I’ve ordered.

Where To Have Easter Brunch in Vienna


That’s my number one place to have a great Easter brunch in Vienna. My number one breakfast place is at St. Ulrichsplatz in the 7th district of Vienna. They have a huge selection that you can choose from, but it’s really difficult to get a table on the same day, as they’re most of the time booked out. Be sure to make a reservation right on time ;) I have had a Silvester menu with my husband to celebrate New Year this year and we didn’t regret it. The menu was perfectly put together we had a perfect dinner – If you’re planning to have your birthday celebrated there, it’s definitely worth it.  I often order the “Big Easy” breakfast, which I can suggest to everyone who’s addicted to avocado-on-toast like me. A herb omelette and grilled veggies are included too.


Joseph Brot

This break bakery among the 3rd district, has not only to offer a lot of tasty bread but a bistro too. Whenever I’m looking for a healthy lunch, or a yummy muesli with yoghurt, that’s the place I think of first. They do have a new porridge creation in their menu, but unfortunately I didn’t have the chance yet to visit them again. During my workout weeks I like to have an eye on restaurants that offer fresh food. I you haven’t tried the quinoa salad, you definitely should as it’s really good for the body.


Pure Living Bakery

Well, I call it my SOS place when I’m having cravings for chocolate and sweets. Sometimes I’m in the mood to have something sweet for breakfast and they do have, sweet cookies and cakes that you can order with coffee and tea. Whenever I visit them, they pull of their barista coffee art techniques and leave me with a smile. Not only sweets but also the smoothies are really tasty and you get served a huge portion. They are in the 7th district, which is quite close to Ulrich and the 13th district, which is around the area of Schönbrunn. What I would suggest you to order? I have fallen for the chocolate cake, which is a dream on earth!



This breakfast location is in the 2nd district, which is quite close to the well-known Schwedenplatz. You can easily reach it by walk and just have to pass the bridge. I’ve been at Ansari (picture below on the right) for my birthday last year and I enjoyed the coffee a lot. They serve a great coffee and have their own coffee blend “Cafe Ansari” by Fürth. Be aware, the coffee is really strong but also well-known for its coffee roast in Vienna. What to order when you visit? I’m a fan of the Oriental breakfast and the Russian one.


Coffee places to keep in mind…

Very close to the TU Wien, you will find “Coffee and Bread”. I always stop by for a coffee to go and when there’s enough time I have a seat at the window on this adorable blue-white tables (picture above on the left). They turned out to be the perfect background for taking snaps of  hot beverages :P

These are the places that you should spend a visit if you’re looking for a good Easter brunch in Vienna. Let me know, which one you preferred most!
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