Mauritius #3 – Dinner Style

Mauritius #3 – Dinner Style

Still can’t get enough of mauritius and I still keep watching the pics everyday. The most important and special thing we did on mauritius before we left was our seaside honeymoon dinner.

Holiday Dinner – What I Wore

Dress by Mango: Similar here, Necklace by Zara: Similar here



Cashmere silk scarf by Cashmere Polo Club: Similar here

IMG_4014When I pack my suitcase for my holiday I always take a few elegant dresses with me. Sometimes they can be useful for special ocassions like a dinner with friends & the hubby but I spent lots of my holidays without wearing them. Casual and comfy is always my first choice ;) The dress I packed for mauritius was a special one that I got at Mango. I love the low-backed detail and the petrol color that makes my skin look more tanned!

Dinner for the Five Sins

Flats by PatCalvin: Similar here

We decided to have our honeymoon dinner on our last night at the hotel to have an unforgetable evening with memories that we could take home. We could decide on which spot on the island we would want to have our private dinner and we went for the beachside.

IMG_4017I was overwhelmed how the beach tent was decorated and set up for us. The cook was standing behind a big grill and did live cooking which was very exciting to watch. The dinner was all about seafoods, what I ate most of the time on the island. So delicious, that I still keep thinking about it! I had to take pics and afterwards I thought how weird it must have looked like :D Dessert and tea were very exotic and with lots of sweets from the indian traditional kitchen. One of my favorite indian desserts is called “Gulab Jamun” which are pastry balls made of milk served hot with rose leaf syrup- Yummy! We got a lot of delicious sweets served while sitting on a great persian cozy carpet. We enjoyed the star-spattered sky and the sound of the sea.
This is how a perfect honeymoon ends.

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