Clean your Brushes- My How-To Guide!

Clean your Brushes- My How-To Guide!

When it comes to prepare my stuff for the next photo shoot,  I create a checklist, take notes and buy makeup if I don’t have the right colors or materials in stock. So the main thing on the top of my To-Do list: Cleaning my beloved brushes!

Today’s post will be all about on how to clean your brushes the right way.

Even the best foundations, lipsticks and powders won’t get applied without some brushes am I right?

What you need:


Brush cleanser of your choice: I use MAC Brush Cleanser for many years and I was never disappointed. It’s a 2 in 1 product so it doesn’t only clean your brushes, it softens them too.


  1. Run the bristles of the brushes under warm water. Be sure to hold them downwards .(take care of the glue!)
  2. Put a drop of brush cleanser on the bristles.
  3. Softly move the brush in circles on the palm of your hand.
  4. Rub in the cleanser, gently, until you have a bit of a lather forming.
  5. Wash your brush again under warm water.
  6. leave them overnight to dry on a towel on the corner of your desk.(That’s good for the brushes to get back in their usual shape)

And that’s it! Your brushes look like new and they are ready for your next make-up. You can repeat the clean your brushes process once in a month according to the amount of usage.

If you’re looking for the Brush Cleanser you can get it online at MAC Cosmetics.
I will have to use my brushes for tonight- i’m on a little fashion show again ;)
I keep you updated!

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