Chanel’s Reincarnation – Thoughts and Criticism
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Chanel’s Reincarnation – Thoughts and Criticism

It has been a big talk for many weeks. I’m talking about this years Métiers d’Art of Chanel that took place nowhere else than in the beautiful castle Leopoldskron in Salzburg.

My Facebook feed was filled with lots of information about it and there was no chance to miss the big news. I wasn’t one of the lucky girls who could visit the Chanel Show but I allowed myself to keep up to date. The Austrian blogger girl from DariaDaria was on-site and shared her visual impressions on her blog. Be sure to check out if you want to see more about it.

My thoughts On The Chanel Film…

One day before the event took place the short film by Karl Lagerfeld called „Reincarnation was finally launched. Featuring Pharell Williams and Cara Delevigne with Géraldine Chaplin in her role as Coco Chanel it’s an exciting little story about Coco Chanel and the way she discovered the legendary Tweed jacket. I enjoyed seeing Sissi and Franz Joseph played by Cara and Pharell as big part of the movie and the fact that the story line followed Chanel discovering the jacket on her holiday to Austria in the 1950s. We all love our little black Chanel, even I do and finding Salzburg as her source of inspiration made me smile. While I skimmed through the comments on the video, I found a lot of Austrians saying they found their self offended by the movie. It made me think about it and I felt like I needed to write down my thoughts and impressions because I really liked the story. To keep it short: I don’t think it was supposed to be an attack against us or our national history. I prefer taking a positive attitude and say that we can be proud about it.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the clip below.

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  • I really liked the movie and I don’t think at all that it is offending…
    I think you are truly right to think in a positive way about it as I think that is exactly how we should feel about it ;)

    • Hi Nicola! Thank you for your honest opinion. I’m glad to hear that the movie made other people think about it too!
      All the best,


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