Camel Coat In Violet Temptation

Camel Coat In Violet Temptation

London weather can be really confusing.Sometimes it’s windy and rainy but very often sunny with warm temperatures. Trench coats and Coats like Camel Coats were born to be worn for this time around the year.

If you decide for the colour black you’ll never go back. I was definitely the type of girl who owned a lot of black and very odd garments. Nowadays I’m totally into colour blocking, which is still a bit of a challenge to me sometimes. Who says browns can’t be worn with blacks? I believed in this rumour because my grandma told me when I was a little girl. One of the good old fashion advises I have never forgotten! I’m happy that fashion evolves in a very fast pace and changes every time. There’s still room for more changes in the future.

Camel Coat Love

I got an addiction when it comes to all kind of coats. Especially camel coats that stuck in my memory since I flipped through the Vogue collection for F/W 2014. I was always in love with the Parisian style, which is timeless and very minimalistic. This camel coat definitely got it and goes with everything in your wardrobe. There are much more shades like greys and oxblood that you could go for. I like to stick to soft brown shades as they add a professional touch to the look.  I wear my camel coat very often to meetings and it’s part of my daily casual workwear styles. The key to an ultimate daily office look is to keep it simple, classy and professional.

Strong lips? I can’t even imagine one day without the great blue violet colour. It matches perfectly to my camel coat and underlines the power woman in me. I stick to strong coloured lips because they can take a huge effect on your complete makeup look and appearance.

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  • I love this look. Very casual and fun. Happy Tuesday and do not forget to check out the latest giveaway!

    Eye See Euphoria :

  • Love your cosy and chic style. It is perfect for cold winter days. Love your lip color too.

    xoxo Jessy

    • I’m glad to hear that you loved the look! The lip color is one of my favorites btw ;)

  • zarafshan

    heyy!! this is the wool camel coat from zara right?? its such a pretty coat but i was wondering if it had pockets? because everyone i’ve asked has been giving me different answers. thanks xx love the outfit choice btw

    • Hi zarafshan! Yes it’s the zara coat but I’m afraid I have to agree with you that the coat doesn’t have any pockets as they are all sewn up. But if you’re okay with that it’s totally worth buying ;) xx Belle


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