Cambridge Travel Guide

Cambridge Travel Guide

Going on Holiday, whether it’s hittin’ the road to Cambridge on wheels or sunbathing on the beach means cultural inspiration to me in every way.

I must admit when I started travelling on my own the one thing I couldn’t wait for was anti-sightseeing. What I mean by that is exploring a city according to a stupid guide – yeah we’re talking about you Michelin – instead of discovering places randomly.

Sitting now in York at a sweet but cheesy coffee place I have finally time to share my trip so far. First of all: Great Britain is huge! And by huge, I mean that 10 miles can take so long when you’re driving from one place to another.

Starting off in Colchester with a short stop in Flatford and Sudbury we arrived at our first accommodation in Newmarket. Talking about our stop in Flatford we visited Flatford Mill, which is known as the location for the works of painter John Constable. What impressed me the most was the stunningly beautiful garden and the lake. Nothing beats cake and a cuppa tea while warming yourself up with a cosy blanket on your shoulders.

Getting back to Newmarket, it is a small city known for its traditional horse races. We spent only two nights in a lovely B&B that was close to our first big destination: Cambridge.

After spending a whole day in this ‘smart’ little city that consists of only colleges, I have discovered my own secret spots. Always on the hunt for the most authentic location, I have found some pretty cool things, including some mouthwatering spots but also Instagram-worthy sights.

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