Bride to be – a Wedding Make-Up
Bride - Makeup

Bride to be – a Wedding Make-Up

I can’t believe I’m going to be a bride in less than 3 month. Now as they days pass by faster than before, I’m getting excited for my make-up, my hair and the dress.

bride_sorayaI got my dress already in spring this year, and If there wouldn’t be the nosy boy, I would have shared already a picture of it with you. But I have to keep the bride secret until the big day arrives. There’s so much inspiration for bridal makeup’s and beautiful hairstyles for long and short hair on the internet, especially pinterest. I tried to create my own little secret pinboard with my inspirations, but it’s going to be a tough choice!

bride_sorayaMy girls asked me to create a little makeup tutorial for you – So if you’re going to get married this or next year, this post is especially for you girls :)

Bride´s are Soft and Light…

bride_sorayabride_sorayabride_soraya My makeup look for today contains a soft eye-makeup and great lashes for the bride. As I wrote in the Styled Shoot article the most important thing about a bridal makeup is the foundation.
If you’re not going to hire a makeup artist for your wedding be sure to spend your money on a high-quality foundation. There are a few things you will have to think about, I’ll share my faves with you:

  • Chanel Vitalumière Aqua – Expensive
    It’s a fluid foundation but I love the thin layer it leaves on the skin. You don’t feel like wearing foundation at all and the results are never caky. Some of my clients have very light skin and it’s difficult to find the right color for them. For fairy skin I use “Beige” and it fits very good.
  • MAC Face and Body – All Time Solution & Cheaper
    It’s a fluid foundation too, but it’s a little cheaper than Chanel products. I love to wear it as my all-day foundation because it has a milky consistence, (be careful when applying it!) and a long-lasting product. I’m really addicted to it and I highly appreciate it :)

Tip: fix with a transparent powder to get your skin silky and smooth! If you’re unsure about the weather use “Mist & Fix” from Make Up For Ever. I use it often for styled shoots or shootings in extreme conditions. You can use it as “Bride SOS Last Minute” product!

Love is in the Eyes…

bride_soraya bride_soraya  Am I going to cry? Oh no! It’s going to ruin my whole makeup. You’re going to be on the safe side if your wearing a waterproof mascara. Avoid great false lashes and stick to little and thin individual lashes. They will underline the bridal look much better and
won’t stand out too much.
bride_soraya bride_sorayaKeep your eye makeup in nude tones or go for crayon as bride. If you’re a huge fan of eyeliner, then go for it! But keep it thin and avoid the cat eye. Undefeatable Look? Eyeliner and nude eyeshadows- You’re going to rule the day ;)

Kiss the Bride…


bride_soraya bride_sorayabride_soraya Most important thing about your lips as bride – a lipstick that withstands the final kiss without leaving stains on your groom’s lips :P I really know what I’m taking about and BTW my boy really hates lipgloss because of the stickiness :D

I recommend lipsticks, that are not bold in colour. Some brides love to wear a red lip and it’s okay if she’s feeling comfortable with it. I just can say, you will turn your man’s head in every way on this special day but try it without the sexy red lips and stay natural.

bride_sorayaThe boy and I are having our anniversary by today, I’m so excited. I hope you all enjoy your weekend. I hope for beautiful weather

“Be your own kind of beautiful!”

Lots of Love,

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  • dominikareis


    that make up is lovely and i think it suits you!!


    • beautybysoraya

      thank you, very nice of you :*

  • Lea

    Wow dein Blog ist großartig! Ich frage mich echt, wieso du noch so wenig Leser über hast! 12? und bei facebook so viele? komische Sache :))

    Liebste Grüße

    • beautybysoraya

      Danke dir :) Ja leider finden nicht so viele auf meinen neuen selbstgehosteten Blog, das dauert noch ein wenig ;)

      • Lea

        Photoshop macht das Makeup möglich! ;) Ich hab leider nicht so viel Talent wie du, wenn es um das Schminken geht :P

        Das mit den Lesern wird definitiv noch was! Da brauchst du dir mit diesem Blogdesign und mit dem super Inhalt echt keine Gedanken drum machen :P
        (Okay, das klingt echt ganz schön umschmeichelnd, aber ist wirklich meine Meinung!) ^^

        Liebste Grüße

  • Ann Gold

    Beautiful make-up! Your are very pretty, like your blog. Now I am a new reader of you. Would be nice, if you visit my blog too :)
    love, Ann <3

    • beautybysoraya

      Thank you that means a lot to me :*


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