Bouffant Hair-Do – What To Wear For Weddings

Bouffant Hair-Do – What To Wear For Weddings

When you’ll read this post, I’m already on my way to attend a beautiful wedding in zakopane. Weddings are not just about emotions, love and celebration. Style has a great matter on weddings and beauty routines became even more important. When I get ready for weddings, I always have to put the right look in the right colors together. Style plays definitely a great part for me that day but makeup and hair are always a bit of a challenge. Especially bridesmaids go for beautiful romantic hair up-do’s and a very natural makeup. Instead of make-up the hair is here an eyecatcher and should get the most attention. I’m good in doing make-ups and I have never doubt’s to find the right look. I’m a fan of quick and easy hairstyles and I think this might be the right one for you too.

Audreys Hairstyle – How To Get The Perfect Bouffant


Usually I don’t teeze my hair very often, but when I want to create a great old style bouffant hair-do like Audrey Hepburn had those days before, I won’t deny. I love to wear fishtail braids for weddings, because they are a romantic eyecatcher. The Bouffant caught my attention because of it’s dreamy appearance and loveliness and I decided to try the look.  If you want to get a cheerful and glamourous hairstyle, hang on to my inspired tutorial ;)

Bouffant – Tease with Ease

  1. Start sectioning your hair in two parts. Use a scrunchy and make a high ponytail. Sectioning plays an important part for the bouffant hair-do.
  2. Start teasing your hair by taking small strands to add some volume.
  3. After you’re done build a loose bun and secure it with some bobby pins. Keep it loose and not to tough, to receive a cheerful bouffant.
  4. Do centre parting and start sectioning one side. Hold back some strands for your bangs. Teez your strands again to receive a nice bouffant. Take the strand and secure it with some pins under your bun and wrap it around.
  5. Take your final bang strand, teeze it a bit and start to cross over. Move it across the bun and secure it.
  6. Repeat Step 4 and 5 on the other side.
  7. Take a comb and pick out some strands to loosen the hairstyle.
  8. Fin!





If you try the up-do for the first time arrange enough time, cause you might need a bit to get used to teeze your hair completely. It’s a bit of a biceps workout, so be aware :P

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend! If you want to follow me through the wedding weekend, check my instagram feed ;)

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