Bold Metals Collection by Pixiwoo

Bold Metals Collection by Pixiwoo

The Bold Metals makeup brushes by Pixiwoo were my absolut highlight in February. Due to my 24th birthday my husband gave me five brushes that I’m going to review today on the blog.

Bold Metals – Heavy and Light at Once

What I noticed first is the new design that comes with the brushes. They are much heavier than the collection before, but with a reason. The are more secure as they help you to apply your makeup more precise instead of creating a total mess.

101 Triangle Foundation Brush

This brush makes it easier to apply foundation in areas of the face that are hard to reach like left and right of your nose and wrinkles underneath your eyes. The flat side of the triangle brush is rather for applying foundation all over your face.

bold metals

100 Arched Powder Brush

So soft bristles and not scratchy at all! Just great when you want to apply loose powder with ease.

bold metals

200 Oval Shadow Brush

An eye brush to apply eyeshadow all over your lid. It’s quite fluffy and the result is a flawless well-blended eye makeup. I like brushes that absorb enough colour, so I don’t have to repeat the application very often.

bold metals

201 Pointed Crease Brush

We all know the blending brush is a must have for every makeup professional. Without a good brush it’s almost impossible to receive a perfect blend. The blending brush is the one that I can’t live without and I suggest everyone to go for quality instead of price. A good brush can be expensive, but it lasts longer than any other brush that comes with cheap and scratchy bristles! The pointed crease is an update to my MAC 217 brush – which I love to death- and perfectly fits in the eye crease. The weight hold comes in handy and helps to keep control of movements.

bold metals

202 Angled Eyeliner Brush

This brush is my absolute favourite! It is very similar to the MAC Angled Brush but comes in a different shape and angle.

I must say that I’ve always been a huge fan of the Pixiwoo brushes and I’m really impressed by the Bold Metals Collection. Since I have no Boots store in Austria I ordered them online.

bold metals

What brushes do you have? Would you go for the new collection? 

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  • Die Pinsel sind so hübsch anzusehen! Ich denke aber, dass sie eher für jemanden gedacht sind, der schon ein paar Standardpinsel hat und Ergänzungen sucht. Ich persönlich liebe ja das Rose Golden Luxury Set von Zoeva und ein paar MAC Pinsel habe ich auch recht gerne.

    • Ja sind wirklich toll! Ehrlich gesagt finde ich, dass das bereits die Standardpinsel sind da ja eine Foundation-Pinsel und ein Puderpinsel bereits zur Basisausstattung gehören


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