Blickfang- Lifestyle & Fresh Designs

Blickfang- Lifestyle & Fresh Designs

When it comes to interior designs and renovating my home I like to visit trade shows. Thanks to Austrianfashion I had last weekend the chance to visit the Blickfang fair.

Blickfang – the Concept

At first sight Blickfang is a big designer mall, that offers a lot of extraordinary designed furniture for your home suitable for your lifestyle. More than two hundred designers from fashion to interior and jewelry are found there. If you’re looking for some special and fresh designs, you should definitely attend this fair.

Wooden Keyboard…

If you’re more interested in technical stuff, Blickfang might be a very good fair for you too. Especially the company Orée offers a wide range of accessories made out of wood for you iPad and smartphone. I was impressed by the concept and the stylish designs of the products. By using a special phone cover, you can charge your phone by only laying it down on the charging station. Very handy judging from the fact that the Lightning cable can be very annoying.


Bycicle for Take-Away please!

I do like racing cycles but I’m not impressed by the typical sporty design of most of the bycicles. If you would ask me “What should I pay attention to before buying a new bycicle?”, I would rather answer stylish, minimalistic and handy.  That’s when the Vello Bike comes in. With it’s new lifestyle concept, carrying your bike all day around with you, it fits most of city people’s benefits. Their bikes are stylish, foldable and all handcrafted. When you’re a lot on the road, spending most of the time in public transit or just on the rush, you would be happy to run on your own wheels. They come in three designs: Speedster, Rocky and Urbano. If you want to get to know more about this fashionable bikes at Blickfang head over to their  page.


Photo by Vello Bike


Photo by Vello Bike

And much more about Blickfang…

I allowed myself to buy me a fancy piece of jewelry by a designer called NoGallery. I’m totally into squirrels and the necklace was just to lovely to deny it. Below you will find handmade leather bow-ties and much more inspiration in my snapshots that I took for you.



Headbands by Milli Monka


The lesson is clear…

The Vello bike would fit my benefits very well. I live quite out-of-town and it takes some time to get to the city. To be honest, I should think about a switch! I left the trade fair with my head filled with lots of creative ideas and impressions. I think it’s time for the one or other creative home project!

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