Beanie – Get it Studded!
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Beanie – Get it Studded!

It’s time for the Beanie! Most of the time I spend filming tutorials for my YouTube channel – trying something new can be very good and in my case it’s an ongoing learning process. Guess what? I filmed my first fashion DIY and I am so happy to upload it on sunday. Can’t wait to read your opinions :) Todays post will be all about “How to Pimp your Beanie” and I got a picture tutorial for you:

Studded Beanie – What you need:


  1. Studs (I got heart forms, and some others in different sizes from H&M)
  2. beanie (the color your prefer)
  3. a template (whatever you want it to look like – I chose triangle)
  4. Plier (to fix the studs)
  5. Needle and thread (to keep everything in place)
  6. necklace, accessories (you won’t use anymore)

beanie_soraya Finally getting started! If you chose your template, you can lay your studs and begin to fix them with the plier on the back of your beanie. Be sure the hooks on the back won’t stay out – they are sharp and can hurt you! Move on to your special piece that makes your beanie stand out of the mass – I split my necklace and just used the gemstones and a piece of metal to build my “eye”. I tried to connect the studs but somehow it didn’t work very well. If it won’t stay in place sew it on the beanie to be safe.

Well done! Now you’re ready to rock your little It-Piece!

If you’re still not sure about how to start, you can watch the tutorial here.

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